December 16, 2016

photos by Gail Nash and Carolyn Cassar

cornet players

cornets/trumpets Allen, Dave, Chris


Frank plays “O Holy Night” on mellophone,
Andrea accompanies on piano

trombone players

trombonists Anton and Bill

cornet players

cornets/trumpets Bob, Andrea

some of the brass band members

It doesn't matter how many shots one takes ...

some of the brass band members

someone always looks the wrong direction or hides!

November 16, 2015

photos by Carolyn Cassar

misc. brasses

Top: trombones, baritones, euphonium
Bottom: alto horns


Conductor Frank and the audience

Ann (tuba)

Ann (tuba)

Conductor Frank

Conductor Frank faces the music

Robert and Bernice

Robert and Bernice (alto horns)